Unexplained Inc.

April 2021 Case Study: From Hell (2001)

April 15, 2022 Phantom Phil Episode 54
Unexplained Inc.
April 2021 Case Study: From Hell (2001)
Show Notes

It's been one year since Unexplained Inc. did it's original case study...
To celebrate Phantom Phil and Angel Card Amy reach out to two Unexplained alumni for analysis on the true story of Jack The Ripper...
The movie is From Hell featuring Johnny Depp...
The case explored looks at Jack's identity, the free-masonic and occult connections and how the conspiracy unearthed in the movie may not be too far off from what actually happened in London during the late 1800's

Dan from Ghostwalks connects one of the potential suspects from his hometown of Hamilton
Jacqui from Lantern Ghost Tours who lives in London gives first hand experience about the Whitechapel district

The material is grisly but this is one case-study you don't want to miss...especially when Phantom Phil finds himself down the rabbit-hole (again!) to connect the dots between the story and the alleged true events...a perfect mess for Easter Weekend!

Unexplained Inc.
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