Unexplained Inc.

Miranda Young...Founder of Ghost Biker Explorations

June 24, 2022 Phantom Phil Episode 84
Unexplained Inc.
Miranda Young...Founder of Ghost Biker Explorations
Show Notes

In this edition of Unexplained Inc. we are joined by someone who put their passions of motorcycle riding, photography and the paranormal all together and created Ghost Biker Expeditions. Her name is Miranda Young and she is a business partner of former Unexplained guest Dr. Kristy Sumner. Miranda joins us from the Scott County Jail near Huntsville, Tennessee where she works.

In this episode she talks about their current offerings / activities and explains that spirit activity is very lively in that place. Although she didn't have any paranormal experiences growing up she has a fascinating story involving her elementary school that was allegedly haunted. She also explains the spiritual side of being a biker and how it has helped her grow her business and its tie ins to paranormal investigation.

Perhaps the best part of this is show is how Miranda explains that her travel expeditions led her to uncover a treasure trove of hidden haunts that few outside of their selected counties even knew about. Also hear what kind of tricks she has up her sleeve to communicate with spirits...it may surprise you!

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